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First Post! Feels Good

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

It's been about half a year since I first started making this website. If you want a crash course in web design I recommend figuring it out yourself because I have learned a lot. I never had to code anything because I used Wix, but still learned some useful information. Until we grow to the point where this website won't function, I'll be using Wix. If you're familiar with Water One, you know that our old website was really really old and needed updating. So I just cranked it out, and slowly figured it out. I'm satisfied with the result but I still make changes constantly, and it is not 100% complete yet. I'm at the part where you have to really learn and understand how google ranks your website and adjust accordingly. SEO is what it's all about today.

The only external help I jobbed out was for the zip code authenticator on the order page which I'm still not sure I want to keep in the long term. Thanks to Omar and Richard with Hayman Technologies. And big thanks to Alec for his photo skills. Hopefully Alec will be posting on here eventually. I have plans for the future ordering page, but won't talk about that publicly. It's funny writing this because I've never blogged, but I will try to more in the future. They say blogs are good for SEO too.

This blog is for anyone that wants to learn about Water One Inc., business, and other stuff. Any of our employees can write on here and they can write or post whatever they want to. I'll also post things I see under Community Posts. Also if you read these, just give them a like so I know someone's reading them. Here's a link to so google gives me a kiss. If there's anyone out there with some tips and tricks to SEO, I know the basics, but if you ain't first you're last, so basics won't cut it, shoot me an email at


Brandon Barlow

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