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Pure2Go Innovates With Non-Profit

Hello all!

Recently, Water One of Southwest Florida partnered with the Fritz Water Vest non-profit organization (learn more at, developing an upgraded version of the vest that can be connected to Water One's Pure2Go purifier. This allows for the elimination any waterborne viruses, bacteria, or cysts - ensuring that the water from the vest is safe to drink for the users.

I recently had the privilege to shoot a short video explaining what the Fritz Water Vest is, how it is effective in parts of the world where water transportation is a necessity for survival, and how the Pure2Go allows for assurance that the water these people are drinking is actually safe to ingest.

Feel free to check the video out, I have embedded it below. We shot this in a studio in Chicago, Illinois, after having the vest and purifier shipped up. Not mentioned in the video; I personally endorse that both the vest and the straw are actually quite well-built, and I see a lot of potential for this combo in the long run, in areas of disaster relief or underdeveloped nations.

To learn more about how Water One is leaving a positive impact on the world, visit, where you will find in-depth information about our own non-profit and what we do.

I hope you enjoyed the video and learned something that you found interesting or potentially intriguing. Feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or feedback! We love hearing from people here.


Alec Barlow

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