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The Water One 101

Water One was founded in 1969 with the intention of providing consumers with purified bottled water, at a fair price. Today in 2022, a fair price means the lowest price, by a large margin.

Everyday, we receive calls from unhappy consumers that are using competitor bottled water. We hear horror stories. The brand that used to be owned by Nestle is charging $10.00+ delivery fees. These people are being charged $9.00+ for a bottle of water! They actually get mad when we tell them that Water One has never charged a delivery fee, and right now, August 2022, our standard price is $6.75 per jug of purified water. They are mad and upset that they have been ripped off for however long they have been using the service. They switch right away; love the service, love their drivers, love that a real person answers the phone, love the price, and love the great taste of Water One.

Large private equity companies enter the water market via acquisition, raise prices on all their customers, and lower the quality in service to cut costs. It's easy to do, and hurts you. 4 years ago, Water One had zero internet presence, our entire business has been built up on word of mouth and we have the most loyal customers. We are now looking to grow our two markets; Chicago Suburbs and Southwest Florida.

If you are a current customer of Water One and enjoying the best tasting bottled water at the lowest price with great service, thank you. If you are using a competitor bottled water service, please check your invoice and give us a call.

Water One


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