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World Oceans Day

Today we celebrate World Oceans Day. Like any manufacturer, it is our responsibility that our products/raw materials never reach the ocean. We all have the collective responsibility to ensure that our water ecosystems remain plastic-free.

Water One is committed to sourcing plastic from manufacturers that invest in the research and development of single-use and multi-use plastic. Nearly all of Water One's packaging is already recyclable, and we have made it a goal to reach 100% recyclability by 2030.

Water One's employee's hold a high level of environmental and sustainability importance. During onboarding, we show new hires that almost everything can be recycled including water bottles, scrap metal, aging equipment, etc... We have close relationships with our local recycling partners to ensure everything we source/produce, will not reach the ocean.

Join us in celebrating #worldoceansday by raising awareness about the importance of protecting ocean and water systems.

Read more about our sustainability efforts:


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