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The best tasting water

Step 1

How much water should you drink each day? The average person needs about 2 liters. This calculator can tell you how much you need monthly, depending on your home or business size.

Man Drinking Water One

How many persons are in your household or place of business?

5-Gallon Bottled Water

3 jugs per month

19 jugs per month

17 jugs per month

14 jugs per month

12 jugs per month

8 jugs per month

6 jugs per month

X jugs per month

Step 2

16.9oz Bottles, 5-Gallon Jugs, or 3-Gallon Jugs? Purified, DI, or Alkaline?

Case of Water One

16.9oz Case

Water One 16.9oz 24-Pack of Purified Water.

Starting at:


5 Gallon Purified Water


Water One 5-Gallon Jug of Purified Water

Starting at:


5 Gallon Deionized Water

5-Gallon DI

Water One 5-Gallon Jug of Deionized Water

Starting at:


Step 3

We offer coolers for rent, or purchase. Monthly rentals are billed quarterly.

Room and Cold Bottled Water Cooler

Room and Cold

Standard White/Black

Dispenses hot and cold water via our base cooler

To Rent:

$7.50 /mo

To Purchase:


Hot and Cold Bottled Water Cooler

Hot and Cold

Standard White/Black

A modern look for your home or business

To Rent:

$9.95 /mo

To Purchase:


Bottom Load Bottled Water Cooler

Hot and Cold

Bottom Load

No heavy lifting! Sleek hot and cold cooler to fit your needs

To Rent:

$9.95 /mo

To Purchase:


Step 4

Any miscellaneous supplies needed for your home or business?

Konie Cups

Paper Cups

By the sleeve, carton, or case

Paper cups for use in your business. 200/sleeve, 5000/case

Sleeve (200):


 Case (5000):


Plastic Cups

Plastic Cups

By the sleeve, or case

Plastic cups for use in your business

Sleeve (100):


Case (2500):


Aqua Stakkas

Bottle Stackers

Great for tight spaces

Stackers used to stack bottles to save space

To Rent:


To Purchase:


Step 5

When you're ready, give us a call. We're here to answer any questions you might have!

Call Water One to Place an Order
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