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Hurricane Dorian!

This week we made sure to keep our production rates high to keep up with the water demand of hurricane dorian. Hurricanes can be a scary time for many Floridians, but being prepared ensures safety. As a family business, we want to take care of our customers, and non-customers who needed water, without price gouging. Thanks to our two drivers, Jeremy and Eddie, just about all our water made it into the hands of Southwest Florida families. It's said by many that we have the best water delivery drivers out of all the water companies out there, and I have to agree. They greet you with a smile everytime you see them, and anything you need, they can take care of it.

This hurricane looks like it will pass us by, but being prepared is better than the alternative. In areas with well water, without power, drinking it might not be the safest thing to do. Thank you to all our customers who trust Water One in nerve-racking times like these. If you are not a customer, Water One welcomes you with open arms to give us a try and experience the best tasting water, and the best service in all of Southwest Florida.

Thank you and stay safe!


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